About Us - SakuAB

About the company

Saku AB AS, a company based on Estonian capital, has operated for more than 30.years. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience what we are using to provide a better service for our customers.
We provide both full and partial load transport to Western Europe, the Baltics and Russia.
The shipments have carrier’s liability insurance (CMR), the company has an activity licence for commercial transport, and we have been a member of the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers (ERAA) since 1991.
We are continuously upgrading our vehicle park in order to ensure the reliability of shipments for our customers and reduce the environmental and operational expenditure – today, our customers can choose from 25 vehicles. Our trailer park includes a selection of curtain siders for transporting ordinary goods, and refrigerated trailers for quick transport of perishable and temperature sensitive goods.

Facts about us

  • Established 5 January 1990
  • Average number of employees in the last three years: 37
  • Average number of vehicles in the last three years: 25
  • Average annual turnover of the last three years: 2.97 million euros
  • Founding member of the ERAA (1991)
  • CMR insurance from PZU Insurance
  • Activity licence No. RVTL001634 (commercial transport)
  • Contractual carrier of Eesti Post AS, TNT Express Road Network, Kühne & Nagel AS, etc.

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